Ahimiel "Gen Famille"

Refined tea barista


Virtue: generosity
Vice: wrath
Incarnation: guardian
Agenda: saboteur


Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2 Wits 3 Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 2 Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Social Attributes: Presence 2 Manipulation 1 Composure 3


Mental Skills: Academics x, Computers x Crafts 2 (tea craft) Investigation 2 Medicine 3 (emergency care), Occult 1 Politics x , Science x
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Drive x, Firearms 2(pistol), Larceny 2 (lock picking) Stealth, Survival 1, Weaponry 2
Social Skills: Animal Ken x, Empathy 1, Expression x, Intimidation x, Persuasion 1, Socialize x, Streetwise x, Subterfuge 2

Merits: bolt hole (Arsenal 1 and easy access 3), suborned infrastructure (1), Firefight (1), danger sense (2), improvised weapon (2)
Demonic Form: emp field, inhuman strength, sense the angelic, acidic spit, glory and terror, teleportation, rain of fire,
Embeds: like I built it, Turn blade, in my pocket,
Exploits: living shadow,
Health: x
Primum: x
Aether/per turn: x
Willpower: x
Cover: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 5
Initiative: 6
Glitches: x


Short Term Goals: Safeguard the paintings of Mao Ichimichi, Keep Luka out of Iacchus’ sphere of culty influence, Keep her circle of people safe
Long Term Goals: Cause serious damage to the God Machine.

Angelic Bio: Her angelic name was Ahimiel, and she was created as guardian angel for a young artist named Mao Ichimichi from the time of the girl’s birth to her untimely death which skyrocketed her fame and made her art pieces ridiculously valuable. Her basic form is a copper elemental capable of defending her charge with fire, acid, and brute strength, but more commonly disgused as a babysitter, a schoolmate, a coworker, or simply a shadow at her feet. Ahimiel thought her duties were sacred and was honored at her responsibility, growing deeply attached to the girl and to humanity in general. She was happy in her role, until the day she was ordered to stop. This made no sense, but at the time she assumed the fault lay with her, that she had somehow failed and was no longer fit for such an important duty. She didn’t expect the immediate death of her charge or her own Fall which occurred immediately upon realizing her mistake.

After her Fall, Ahimiel spent a brief time in a homeless shelter where she was given her first cup of tea to calm down her ravings. Enough tea and soothing voices eventually allowed her to take stock of her own situation and reality shift. She decided to side with humanity, a race upon whom she looks up with a parentally condescending affection. She wants to help them when she can and to protect them against the God Machine’s whims. She is patient, and keeps her anger in control with liberal amounts of tea and biscuits, but she waits for the day when she can truly let her rage out.

Cover Bio: Ahimiel now exists as Genevieve Famille, an apparent late twenties tea artist originally from Wyoming. She prides herself on her manners, dress, and taste (her work ensembles tend toward the victorian fashions of her clientele, though with a noticeable emphasis on pink) believing it is her duty to set a good example for humanity while keeping them safe. She does the latter part by maintaining a smal weapons arsenal in an ethereal bolthole including a piece of the God Machine she stole during an attempted sabotage several years ago. She has disguised it as a teapot which she uses to produce a steady supply of ether. This sabotage attempt, which failed to do much actual damage, caused her to move her cover away from her family in order to keep them safe. While she cares about them, she is aware that this very fact puts them in danger.

Ostensibly, she moved to Boulder 3 years ago to open a physical stand for her then exclusively online artisanal tea store, Nobilitea. She runs a stand at Iacchus’ art gallery where she can watch people admire some of Mao’s paintings. She travels regularly to promote her products/commit minor acts of sabotage when the God Machine does something particularly noticeable and always keeps a pistol under her petticoats. Her own network of angelic and demonic connections is weak, and working with Iacchus also occasionally makes her privy to likely God Machine plans at which she can throw proverbial wrenches.

Her parents still live in Laramie, and she drives up to see them for holidays. She likes the Normon Rockwell style of the family that grew around her but not enough to endanger them with her constant presence. Her father works as a self-employed electrician and her mother does his accounts. They are both very proud of her self-run business but completely baffled by her more artistic and non-utilitarian passions. She has two younger brothers. Joe, 25, is US army and on his first 12 month deployment in Afghanistan. This drives Gen crazy as he has of his own initiative stepped totally outside her sphere of protection and their contact is reduced to a bi-weekly Skype call. He’s very like their father, reticent with words and likely to show affection lifting something for you or fixing a broken lamp bulb without being asked than actually saying words. Her younger brother, Donnie (23 and really wishes people would call him Don), is a pre-med student at CU Boulder. He has a much better sense of humor than the rest of his family members, but puts himself under huge amounts of pressure as the only college graduate in the family. He chose the campus to be closer to Gen, and she can’t deny him anything even though she worries about the danger. Gen visits him whenever she can to bring him anti-anxietea and makes sure he remembers to eat.

Outside her family, Gen has a part time employee named Luka , a 20 year old Naropa student, in whom she sees something of a protege. Luka reminds her viscerally of the charge she lost before her Fall, but so do most young women. Part of her short term goals is to keep Luka out of Iacchus’ sphere of culty-influence. She also has a business rival, Ethan, who runs an espresso cart on Pearl Street called Vasco de Java. He’s a pretentious, over-caffeinated hipster who believes coffee has more health benefits than tea and only occasionally drinks lemon zinger. Lemon Zinger is not tea. Lemon Zinger is at best a factory made herbal infusion. Gen would not say it out loud, but she would be secretly fine with Ethan entering Iacchus’ sphere of culty influence.

William and Sharon Famille – Gen’s parents whom she likes to visit occasionally to participate in normal family life

Joe Famille – Younger brother and US Army Private, currently stationed in Afghanistan on first tour. Gen skypes with him regularly.

Don Famillie – Youngest brother, med student at CU Boulder. Neurotic, emotional, intelligent but without the social skills to really make people notice. Gen dotes on him (Especially since Joe left) and sees him at least weekly.

Luka Mills – Part time employee at Nobilitea and Naropa student between majors. Gen’s protege

Ethan Kane- proprieter of Vasco de Java – Exploratory Espresso and Gen’s beverage nemesis. Overcaffeinated, pretentious hipster.

Ahimiel "Gen Famille"

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