Audité "Michelle"

Listening Organ/Record Store Owner


Virtue: Separate
Vice: Inquisitive
Incarnation: Psychopomp
Agenda: Integrator


Mental Attributes: Intelligence xxx, Wits xxx, Resolve xx
Physical Attributes: Strength xx, Dexterity xxx, Stamina x
Social Attributes: Presence xx, Manipulation xx, Composure xxx


Mental Skills: Academics xxx, Computer xxx (Audio Reconstruction), Crafts x, Investigation xxx, Occult x
Physical Skills: Larceny xx (Safecracking), Stealth xx
Social Skills: Expression xx, Persuasion x, Socialize xx, Streetwise x (Tastemaker), Subterfuge x

Merits: Eidetic Memory, Sleight of Hand xx, Barfly xx, Sympathetic xx, Telekinesis x
Demonic Form: EMP Field (Modification), Electrical Sight (Modification), Sonic Acuity (Modification), Electric Jolt (Technology), Electrical Resistance (Technology), Tether (Propulsion), Voice of the Angel (Process)
Embeds: Earworm (Key), Living Recorder, Voice of the Machine, Last Place You Look
Exploits: Behind the Curtain
XP: 0
Beats: 3
Experience: 1
Health: 6
Primum: 1
Aether/per turn: 10
Willpower: 5
Cover: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 3
Initiative: 6
Glitches: 0


As an Angel, Audite was tasked with collecting sounds for the God-Machine. One day it might be a song, the next, a recording of a dripping pipe that had partially, but not completely, rusted through in the basement of an abandoned school. Audite performed her tasks faithfully for years, and there was no sound she could not find, nothing she could not produce or craft or find. Until The Shape. The God-Machine tasked her with finding not a sound itself, but that which produced it. She was presented with a waveform, and told that the mission was of paramount importance. That was it. Audite searched, for weeks, months, years, with no success, no hint that she was even close to learning what it was.

As time went on, Audite became convinced that the Shape had been hidden from her, hidden from the God-Machine, placed somewhere beyond her God’s reach. After all, if she couldn’t find it, perhaps the problem was with her reach? As she became more aware of her limitations, she extended her mind, reaching further and further away from the God-Machine, until she Fell.

Though Audite is now one of the Fallen, she still yearns for the presence of the God-Machine, and still serves it willingly, though she believes her Fall was and is essential to discover The Shape, and will not allow anything, whether Angel or other Demon, to prevent her from completing her mission and finding it.

Cover: Michelle Nguyen
947c1416958335.562b3abbeb90e.jpgAudite’s primary cover is Michelle Nguyen, the 28 year old owner of Dark Owl records, a record store that specializes in the obscure, bizarre, and incredibly unpopular. In fact, the store never seems to sell anything, as most people are turned off by wall after wall of Pre-Post-Soviet Croatian pop music. Her store has a reputation as a place where everyone who’s anyone in the local music scene shops at regularly (though they’re all lying, and no one is about to call anyone else’s bluff), and as such, she’s regarded as a bit of a tastemaker. She is never seen anywhere without a leather jacket of some kind (even in the dead heat of summer, the heat doesn’t seem to bother her) and a pair of garishly colored headphones. She also has a genuine and passionate love of Taylor Swift, which she tries to keep quiet for the sake of her image, with varying degrees of success based on levels of inebriation and/or dance fever.

While Dark Owl Records (and indeed, half of the actual records contained within it) are parts of her cover’s supernatural Infrastructure, there is one component that is not: her sole employee, a refugee of the Goth-Punk wars named Worm. Worm is a quiet guy in his late 30s who still wears too much makeup, and takes care of the store and its customers (all 3 of them last month!). Audite seems to be genuinely unsure whether Worm is a part of her cover’s Infrastructure, or a real live human, but she also doesn’t seem to care all that much. She never could figure out people anyway.

Audité "Michelle"

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