Limnaeus "Bart"

avant garde art demon


Incarnation: Messenger
Agenda: Saboteur


Mental Attributes: Intelligence x, Wits xxx, Resolve xx
Physical Attributes: Strength x, Dexterity xxx, Stamina xxx
Social Attributes: Presence xxxx, Manipulation xx, Composure xx


Mental Skills: Academics xx, Crafts x, Occult xxxxx (Machine Elves), Politics xx , Science x (Particle Physics)
Physical Skills: Athletics xx, Brawl xx, Firearms x, Survival x, Weaponry x
Social Skills: Expression x, Intimidation xx, Socialize x

Merits: Eidentic Memory x, Danger Sense xx, Aura Reading xxx, Psychometry xxx, Subornetin xx
Demonic Form: Inhuman Reflexes, Inhuman Beauty, Sense the Aesthetic, Glory & Terror, Slender Body, Spatial Distortion, Voice of the Ansi
Embeds: Across a Crowded Room (key), The Map is Not the Terrain, Bystander Effect
Exploits: Addictive Presence
Health: 9
Primum: x
Aether/per turn: x
Willpower: 4
Cover: x
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 5
Initiative: 5
Glitches: x
Notes: Cover’s name is Barton


Limnaeus was a messenger angel who assumes that they were tasked with disrupting the common boundaries of mortal thoughts, but lets be real, Limnaeus doesn’t remember a whole lot about that period of their existence. As a demon, they took the form of a flock of small metallic birds, chaotic but interconnected.

Limnaeus lives for artistic expression, the less orthodox the better, and sometimes dares to imagine a world outside of the god-machine’s shadow.

Limnaeus "Bart"

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