Brandex Corporation


419933-Marvel_Boyiuy.jpgAs a living parasitic idea, The Brandex Corporation has no body of its own. A lack of physicality does not make it powerless. Too often underestimated, this fact makes Brandex even more dangerous, especially at a global level.

Brandex grows by hiring employees and consuming rival corporations. It adapts to whatever its host planet populace thinks it wants and sells it to them with insidious, cult-like advertising. Advertising so strong and pervasive it eventually converts everyone it encounters into an employee / sacrificial drone. It ruthlessly attacks anyone who finds out its true nature and may prove a threat to its plans (It may use up its drone’s life force, expelling it in a blast of energy, leaving the drone a lifeless husk).

When Brandex has grown large enough, it begins building space ships so Brandex meme-spores can be spread to new worlds. Once new planets had been infected, the original host world is completely subsumed by Brandex until no people or resources are left. And the process repeats itself on a new, unmolested globe.

It is a living corporation, its every movement and decision driven by ruthless profit, self-survival and unapologetic pillage capitalism.

“Brandex grows. Brandex replicates. Soon, Brandex will own everything. We will license the air you breathe and the thoughts we allow you to think. Brandex cannot die. Everything will carry the Brandex logo. Everything down to the proteins in your DNA. Every genetic code stamped and sealed.”


Brandex Corporation

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