Brandex Corporation




419932-Marvel_Boyexrj.jpgAs a living parasitic idea, The Brandex Corporation has no body of it’s own, but that doesn’t make it powerless. It fact, it makes it even more dangerous and has even been classed as a planetary level emergency. Brandex grows by hiring employees and consuming rival corporations. It adapts to whatever its host planet thinks it wants and sells it to them while hypnotizing the populace with advertising that eventually turns everyone into an employee. These employees lose their free will and independent thought and when Brand X has grown enough they start building space ships so Brand X logo-spores can be spread to new planets. Once new worlds had been infected the original host world would be consumed by Brandex until no people or resources were left.


“Welcome to the boardroom, little soldier. Allow me to introduce myself. Mr. Richardson, the CEO of Brandex. Director of our global operations. Prime servant of the Living Corporation.”
“Good. I was wondering what to shoot.”
“It’s too late to shoot. Brandex grows. Brandex replicates. Soon, Brandex will own everything. We will license the air you breathe and the thoughts we allow you to think. Brandex cannot die. Everything will carry the Brandex logo. Everything down to the proteins in your DNA. Every genetic code stamped and sealed.”

Brandex Corporation

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